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Northampton photographer Paul Armstrong originally from Greenford, Middlesex resident in Northampton since 1995.

Photography as a hobby started at about 10 years of age with the birthday gift of a Brownie 127 camera which accompanied me on school trips, scout camps, family days out and holidays.

Various other cameras followed plus the loan of my fathers Agfa Isolette 120 roll film camera, until spare cash was available to buy my first SLR, a Praktica LTL3 (and still have it). This camera with a small selection of lenses served me well for some time, gaining experience with macro work, long exposure night trails, motorsports, aircraft and nature photography.

My first digital camera, an Olympus compact 2Mp actually produced some very good images and later was upgraded to a 5Mp model which served well as a pocket camera, but a digital SLR had to be next on the shopping list.

Added to the kit was a Canon EOS 400D then a 550D and then a 7D. A new lease of photographic life began with motorsports, aircraft and pub entertainment as main subjects with an occasional wedding, party or local football team to cover.

In more recent times stage photography is a special interest, especially the revival in popularity of Burlesque. These shows present there own photographic challenges, low light, ever changing coloured lights and lots of movement. To help with these conditions a 5D Mk3 was added to cope with high ISO settings and a 7D Mk2 was added as a dedicated sports body.

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